Allahyar & the Legend of Markhor

Written and directed by Uzair Zaheer Khan, the visually-enchanting animated feature is packed with precious lessons.

Allahyar & the Legend of Markhor
Allahyar & the Legend of Markhor

Phakistani Film industry had seen a big slump in last two decade. Since last three years we have witnessed so many movies hitting the big screen but only a few are that we actually can count on fingers can categorized as good movies. During this time we also witnessed couple of animation movies by SOC Films. Now, 3rd world studios and Ary Films joined hands to bring animated movie Allahyar and the legend of Markhor to theaters and we are glad someone thought out of the box finally.

The story revolves around the young character Allahyar (voiced by Anum Zaidi) who finds

himself escaping the hunter Manu (Ali Noor) and helping a Markhor named Mehru (Natasha Humera Ejaz) reach home. The film does succeed in delivering important messages illegal hunting of Markhor which is national animal of Paksitan as well and the snow lepoards.


With a spectacular visual quality, viewers feel connected to the animated characters through relatable facial expressions depicting their emotions. Besides all the amazing animation, the film also did not fail to deliver some short yet amazing musical pieces. The most captivating score was Zohaib Hasan’s famous 1982 track ‘Muskuraye Ja’ sung by Natasha Humera Ejaz. Coupled with beautiful animation, the song was perfect.

As a film, Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor, is not without flaws. The editing in the first half in particular should have been crispier but that doesn’t take away from its many accomplishments. Scenes use ‘fade’ as transitions instead of creatively merging into one another, which hampers the overall experience further. Sponsor companies for the film should avoid using the film medium to promote their products blatantly, which makes it less about the film and more about the biscuits.

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Nonetheless, its a great movie to watch no matter what your age is. You are going to love it, Allahyar and Markhor is not just for the children but also for adults. It would stir you into action, and would make you begin to care more not just about the nature, but also endangered animals. Go watch it for the excellent visual quality. But parents, be ready to answer your children’s questions, specifically regarding the difficult language.