Shehzad Roy ventures into acting with a commercial film!

Known for his work focusing on social awareness, revolution and change, singer-philanthropist Shehzad Roy is all set to add another interesting title to his career.

Shehzad Roy Ventures into Acting!
Shehzad Roy Ventures into Acting!

From music to his social work Shehzad Roy is a well known for his devotion and hard work. His music is loved by millions and his philanthropy is not a hidden thing either.

This time Shehzad taking another major step and jumping in the world of cinema and sources confirms that he is working on some projects. He already have two scripts, one written by Faisal Qureshi and the other one by legendary writer and painter Anwar Maqsood.

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Discussing his forthcoming project, Roy shared that he was initially uninterested in acting, however, he simply couldn’t refuse when he saw the bigger picture.

“I never actually intended to do a film. But when the concept was presented to me, it was hard to say no.”

The star will also be using his latest project as a platform to further stimulate political consciousness of the nation. Making sure the film has the Pakistani element to it, Roy says it will be though-provoking.

“It will be a thought-provoking film. While watching it, you won’t lose sight of the fact that you’re watching the film in Pakistan.”

Comparing songs with a film, Roy also emphasized on the fact that imparting a message is much easier in the latter one.

“In a song, I only have a few minutes to convey a message. [In film, one has much more].”

Let us know how do you see this new side of Shehzad Roy?