Hadiqa Kiani proudly releases Chapter 2 from WAJD

Hadiqa Kiani proudly releases Chapter 2 from WAJD


Following the successful release of Chapter 1 – Saraiki Chapter – “Kamli Da Dhola”, which has garnered over 1 million views on Facebook and has been ruling Patari’s top charts since its release, Hadiqa Kiani is proud to release the video for Chapter 2 – Sindhi Chapter – “Bhit Ja Bhitai” exclusively on her Facebook fanpage and Patari.pk on 26th April 2017. “Bhit Ja Bhitai” represents Hadiqa Kiani’s rendition of the classic Sindhi folk song in praise of the great Sufi Poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. It is a continuation of the WAJD – Volume 1 journey which aims to revive each region’s core musical heritage. Indeed, Hadiqa is one of Pakistan’s most versatile artist who has performed various songs in regional and international languages effortlessly. After massive hits in Kashmiri, Pushto, Saraiki and Punjabi, this is the first time Hadiqa Kiani has explored and performed a song in Sindhi language.

This Sindhi Folk song “Bhit Ja Bhitai” is very close to my heart and it’s a tribute to Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. The song highlights the contributions of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai in the rich Sindhi culture and heritage. This is also my first song in Sindhi Language.” said Hadiqa Kiani about “Chapter 2 – Bhit Ja Bhitai.”              The aim of the song as told by Irfan Kiani is “to celebrate the diversity in our local regional languages and as Wajd is a discovery of our musical roots and compositions with traditional instruments.”

The audio for Chapter 2 – Sindhi Chapter – “Bhit Ja Bhitai has been produced, arranged, mixed, mastered and recorded by Irfan Kiani. Recorded in a single-take live studio format, this mesmerizing song can be experienced in its pure authentic untainted organic form of music.

Chapter 2 – Sindhi Chapter – “Bhit Ja Bhitai” is associated with the Sindhi folk singers who have been performing this song at the Shrine of Bhitai for decades. It had also been recorded by various folk artists including the legendary Mai Bhaagee. WAJD – Volume 1 Chapter 2 features Steve George on the classical Nylon string guitar, Ustad Baqir Abbas on Japanese recorder, Irfan Kiani and Imran Ali on harmonium, Asif Ali Goga on dholak and Sharafat on Sindhi khartaal. Hadiqa also features on the Balochi damboor for the first time ever.

 The song has been captured both on audio and video simultaneously in Shahi Qila [The Lahore Fort or Royal Fort – a citadel in the walled city of Lahore]. With visualization, direction and post-production by Abdullah Haris, Chapter 2 – Sindhi Chapter – “Bhit Ja Bhitai” has been shot in a single-take format in natural daylight capturing the true spirit and essence of the song. Styling for the video has been done by Noah Ibrahim & Wazhma Awan with hair and make-up by Hadiqa Kiani Salon.

The audio has been released exclusively on Patari.pk:


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