In Focus – Rizwan Ali Jaffri


“Rizwan Ali Jaffri is Pakistani Super model, actor and singer.

He is best known for his modeling work with renowned Pakistani fashion labels, he also mark his television debut in 2012. He mark his singing debut with his album “Yaran Di Toliin” in 2013, which earned him a Lux Style award for Best Music Album of the Year.”

We had a chance to chit chat with super talented Rizwan Ali Jaffri, Let’s have a look.

Q: Who is Rizwan Ali Jaffri? An actor, model or singer?

I cannot be classified as just any one of these; I am a combination of all three. You could say I am an all-rounder. With time, my career just grew and branched out into these avenues.

Q: From modelling to acting and now into music, which has been the best part of your journey?

I have enjoyed every moment, and I think the best is still to come. It has been quite the journey, and I feel blessed that everything I have done so far has been so successful.

Q: Don’t you find it difficult to juggle time among all three mediums, especially since singing require lots of practice?

It’s all about time management – allotting time for everything in life: slot for acting, slot for working with the vocal coach, keeping fit with sports and gym, etc.

Q: But what do you enjoy the most – being a model, actor or singer?

I love to act, and whenever I get a call for a project it’s a challenge to get into the role. With regard to music it’s the whole creative process that I enjoy – writing the songs and the whole process of it. So, I suppose I enjoy modelling the least!

Q: Apart from singing, what are your plans for the near future? Any plan for making forays into movies?

A few movies are in the pipeline for 2016. There is Raheel Rao’s film in which I have been offered the lead. Also, I will be singing three of the songs in the movie. I may also be acting in a Saqib Malik film but it is too early to talk about it at this stage.

Q: You won Lux Style Award for Best Music Album. Were you taken by surprise? How did it feel winning this award?

It came as a big surprise, especially considering the other nominees on the list, and that too for my first album. That moment was unforgettable. Being appreciated on such a big platform gives a boost to one’s energy and confidence.

Q: Are you working on your new album? Tell us about it.

My second album is complete and will probably be released by end of January 2016. I am currently working on my music videos, so stay tuned for that!


Q: What major issue is the music industry dealing with?

A lack of recording labels, which leads to a lack of opportunities. Who knows, there might be a kid who is a brilliant singer but never got the opportunities I did!

Q: Something you don’t want to forget?

The very first show I ever did in Karachi all those years back, where people noticed me, and then everything just went soaring from there! Also, being appreciated for my singing and winning Best Album at Lux Style Awards is something I would always like to savour.

Q: What career height do you still aspire for?


Q: Any regrets in life?

None, because I am an eternal optimist and I think that things happen for a reason; there will always be something better around the corner.

Q: Anything you like to say to your fans.

“Being rejected is not the end of the world, but you must be sure you have what it takes to achieve what you want in life. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. First be deserving of an honour, then desire it. ”