HUM TV’s Latest Play Mein Maa Nahe Banna Chahti

HUM TV's Latest Play Mein Maa Nahe Banna Chahti

HUM TV’s latest play Mein Maa Nahe Banna Chahti is an intertwined story of Eman, Jibran, Maham and Faras and brings inter-family marriages and the risks of birth defects into the limelight. Eman, Jibran and Maham are cousins and their families do not even consider marrying their kids outside the family. Jibran, who is interested in Eman is the most eligible bachelor of the family and Eman’s parents don’t even ask for Eman’s approval when Jibran’s parents propose for their son. Eman has to forgo her love for Faras, after putting up a failed fight. The news of their marriage shocks Maham, who was best friends with Jibran thinking he would propose to her. Maham tries everything in her power to turn Jibran and his mother against Eman. The situation worsens after Eman’s first born’s death within a month and another stillbirth. Maham sees this as an opportunity to end their relationship and marry Jibran.

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Will Jibran and his mother realize the risks of birth defects in inter-family marriages or blame Eman for the misfortune?

Will Maham find happiness after ruining her cousin’s life?

To find out watch, Mein Maa Nahe Banna Chahti only on HUM.

Starting from 18th October 2017 Every Wednesday and Thursday

Writer: Mustafa Hashmi

Story By: Parisa Siddiqui

Director: Furqan Adam

Production: Moomal Entertainment

Cast: Rubina Ashraf, Ali Abbas, Imran Ashraf, Rubab Hashim, Nida Mumtaz and others